1. NEWSBLAST! NEW YORK: Paper Box 9/9 with Wet Leather, The Prigs, Hawt Me$$

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  2. hell of a day at sea, sir.

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  3. Autumn to Autumn (2012-2013) from Barry Marino on Vimeo.

    time-lapse video of my life last year: sunsets, bus rides, music, family and the beach. roughly.

    the song can be found here: barrymarino.bandcamp.com/track/level-planes

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  4. burning fedoras and pushing strollers.

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  5. Bush League Burners present: Brooklyn Fedoras from Barry Marino on Vimeo.

    the 2013 NFL season is upon us, which means the Brooklyn Fedoras are also back in action. Team owner Barry Marino and Bruce (the dog) are getting all riled up.

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  6. In the summer of 2009, I decided to film the last week of a rock camp that I was teaching at.

    For many reasons, whether it was educational genius, convenient procrastination or 2 defeated computers… I delayed the release for 4 years. Here’s to the kids (and co-workers) whom can hopefully look back on those times together and feel a sense of accomplishment in what we created.

    or be embarrassed.

    either is fine.

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  7. On a Wednesday night in March 2004, I walked into an open mic in Cambridge, Massachusetts, went to the back of the room and slid my guitar case underneath the foosball table. I introduced myself to the guy standing next to me.

    Paul Sentz and I became quick friends. 

    Three years (and many drinks) later, 5 unfalse dudes rolled into the revered Inner Ear/Silver Sonya studios in Arlington, Virginia and began recording Smile When You’re Alone with T.J. Lipple (Aloha).

    This Car Up - Smile When You’re Alone

    We only made this one record: 10 songs, 2 bonus tracks (including a 28 Degrees Taurus cover) that were put together with the help from some good friends, cheap dranks and big fun.

    We had a great time making this album and being this band.

    For the first time, a making-of video documents the 2 weeks in 2007 that we spent creating a body of work that found it’s way to Japan, still gets spun in dark Brooklyn bars and also moved a few units for Tide. 

    Members of This Car Up now currently play in Boston bands Slowdim, Amoroso, Stereo Telescope, and The Hush Now

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  8. For years, I lived in a house in Lower Allston that had a revolving door of castmates and castaways. All traversing our lives in a hazy daze, we created some good times, endured through the rough ones, and generally just held our shit together as a unit of friends would. 

    While doing some recent surgery on my hard-drive, I uncovered all the old footage that was taken during that time. In an effort to clean it up, I’ve put together a nostalgic dvd compilation that highlights 4 years of the housemate’s creativity and debauchery. 

    Above is the trailer for The 21 Easton Reels.

    if you’re looking for the full dvd, that shit is mail-order. 

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  9. February 2.0

    I wrote/recorded an album last month.

    for songs about non-principle characters on LOST, grocery shopping and traversing the subway (in Greek), take a listen.

    its free: http://barrymarino.bandcamp.com/album/february-20

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